1. General
    By using our service(s) you agree to Airport2Lodge’s terms and conditions, outlined herein. We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions at any time, for the purposes of quality testing and business and or legal development(s). All changes to our Terms and Conditions will be clearly displayed on the Airport2Lodge website. For all existing bookings, prior to any change of our Terms and Conditions, the Terms/ Conditions accepted at the time of booking will not be superseded by any new terms and conditions. New bookings will be subject to any new Terms and Conditions.


  1. User Registration
    All information provided by user must be accurate and complete through all parts of registration process.
  2. Contract of Service and changes to offers
    All conditions of contract apply to arranged services provided by Airport2Lodge.

Subsequent to the booking and after the start of service(s), additional fees might be incurred according to the price structure, outlined on our website. The customer can make changes to the destination of their journey, by the notifying the Transport Service Provider (Driver) of their intention to change destination.


All hourly rides must end in the same city as start of the service. If the destination is outside the same city as the start of the service, the Customer must notify the Driver/ Transport Service Provider Immediately.  The Customer, in those circumstances, will be charged an extra fee for the costs of the change of destination outside the same city as the start of the service.



User can choose from our different types of class of vehicles; Business Class – Executive Saloon, Premium Business– Executive Van/SUV, First Class – Deluxe Saloon and Upper Class – Deluxe SUV alongside Upper Class -‐ VIP and Upper Class – VVIP subject to availability. User can choose vehicles from “our Fleet” page on the Airport2Lodge homepage. Images shown on “our Fleet” page are in place to demonstrate the class of vehicles we provide.
Given the opportunity, user may choose to upgrade to higher class vehicle, upon availability of vehicles. The upgrade (price) is free of charge. Payment for different class of Vehicle will be charged accordingly.


3.4. Airport and Train station pick-up times

Free 60 minutes waiting time for all airport and international train station pickups (15 minutes for all other locations). We monitor all the flights given for any delays and early arrivals. However, customers will be able to provide an optional time frame for pick up after flight landing or train arrivals in the comments section of their booking. For example, if the customer chooses the pick-up to be 30 minutes after landing, the 30 minutes start from the landing time, whether it is on time or delayed.

If the customer does not provide pick up time after flight or train arrival we will follow the arrival time of the flight or train. Where the flight number has not been provided, we will follow the scheduled pick-up time, provided that the pick-up terminal is indicated. In this situation, flight delays cannot be taken into consideration.

Providing the customer departs the airport or station within 60 minutes of arrival additional waiting time will not be charged, flight delays are exempt from these charges.

3.5. Booking area and times
For Pre-booking of Ride later is as follows:

For Pre-booking in London – booking must be at least 2 hours before pick-up time.

For Pre-booking in the whole of the UK – booking must be at least 6 hours before pick-up time. For Pre-booking worldwide – booking must be at least 24 hours before pick-up time. For Pre-booking Ride Now worldwide is subject to availability online or on app.

  1. Transport safety

4.1. Children
When booking for children, child seats must be requested in the comments section including the age of children and the type of seat needed.

4.2. Luggage
The only amount of luggage you are allowed is the amount agreed upon selection of vehicle class and size. Extra luggage will come with an extra charge. Airport2Lodge have the right to refuse luggage that was not agreed upon or cannot be fitted inside the vehicle boot.

4.3. Animals
If customer wants to bring animals on board, they must take prior permission before booking to make sure with the Transport Service Provider and partners if they are willing to accept such a case. Guide dogs will not be refused. Airport2Lodge’s chauffeurs have the right to refuse to take animals (with the exception of guide dogs) that were not agreed upon.

4.4. Policy on passengers and luggage
The booking of vehicles each specify a set amount of passenger and luggage allowance in order for the best experience for customers. The Transport Service Provider has the right to refuse any luggage or passenger if space becomes extremely limited and safety conditions are compromised.


4.5. Delays
In extreme weather and certain unavoidable situations, customers can receive compensation to a certain extent, such as longer waiting times. Last minute cancellations due to unforeseeable situations will be compensated by a full refund to customer (if accepted by customer).

  1. No shows, changes to booking, cancellations

5.1. No shows
No show means a cancellation to the customer’s Transport Service Provider service for the booked periods. This rule may be ignored if a later pickup time is agreed by customer and Transport Service Provider.
(A) Transfer Services
A no show is only considered if the customer is not present without cancellation 30 minutes past booked pickup time at the pickup location. No shows such as this will mean a full charge of customer’s booked service which must be paid for, no extra waiting time costs will apply where possible.
(Long distance only) Airport and train station pickups are considered no shows when customer has not cancelled 60 minutes prior to the booked pickup time, at which point the customer’s booked service must be paid for in full, no extra waiting time costs will apply where possible.

In an event where we cannot get hold of the passenger our driver will wait for an additional 60 minutes at an extra waiting time charge, after which this is considered as a customer no-show and full cost will apply.
(B) Hourly Services
A no show is considered if customer does not show up at all during the booked hours at the agreed pickup time and location at which point the service for that booking must be paid in full.
(Long distance only) Airport and train station pickups are considered no shows when user has not shown up for the booked hours after the agreed pickup time and location, at which point the customer’s booked service must be paid for in full, no extra waiting time costs will apply where possible.

5.2 Cancellations
If Airport2Lodge feels that a booking cannot be made, which can include sudden emergency for driver, unavailability of vehicle or extreme weather conditions, bookings may be cancelled along with a full refund.
(A) Transfer Services
Cancellations are free of charge as long as the TSP has not yet departed to pick up the customer or more than an hour is left before agreed pickup time. Any other no shows will be due payment for in full for the arrangement fee.
Cases when cancelled by client:
TSP has not begun journey to pick up location – No charge
Cancellations can be made free of charge before driver presses the 60-minute on route button
(B) Hourly Services
Cancellations are free of charge as long as they are made 24 hours prior to the agreed pickup time. 24 hours or more before pickup time – No charge
If a driver cancels a ride, no cancellation notification will appear for the customer as customer will only see details of the new driver who has accepted the job. (Any other cases, the customer will be contacted by the customer service department)
Cancellations can be made via phone, using Airport2Lodge website or through the customer booking app.

5.3 Changes to booking
Changes can be made during a ride for a change of destination. This will be sent over for review and the TSP will charge extra kilometres accordingly.

5.4 Behaviour in the vehicle
All passengers must abide to the following standard rules and laws when users are travelling with the TSP:
Any and all instructions from the TSP must be followed
The TSP must ensure a safe ride for all passengers (including young children and pets)
Doors must remain closed while the vehicle is moving
Users must not throw objects from the vehicle
Users must not stick body parts out of the vehicle
Users must not shout from the vehicle
Users must not smoke within the vehicle
Devices provided by the TSP may be used by users after short instructions from the TSP
Any physical or verbal abuse, threat, sexual and other harassment by or towards the TSP will not be tolerated and serious action will be taken

5.5 Lost Property
Any items lost within the vehicles will be returned to the Lost and Found department which can be retrieved by either calling your driver or the office number.

  1. Payments and Premiums

(A) Waiting times for Transfer Services
Only for transfer services, the first 60 minutes of waiting time is free for airports after agreed pickup time and for any other pickup, customers receive 15 minutes of waiting time for free. Any extra waiting times costs after this free waiting time is up, the cost will be charged for every minute at a flat rate which will be calculated by the hourly booking price of the area of agreed pick up location and also includes the vehicle category rate (including VAT).
(B) Additional Kilometres for Hourly Booking
Airport2Lodge and partners have fixed kilometre-per-hour rate and any extra kilometres outside of the hourly rate will be added as extras and calculated by the hourly booking price of the area of agreed pick up location and also includes the vehicle category rate (including VAT).
(C) Terms of Payment and Transaction Fees
The user can pay using all major credit cards. Payment will be taken instantly as booking is complete and any extras added along the user’s journey would be debited 24-48 hours after the journey is over.
(D) Invoice
Invoices are sent to the user as soon as their journey is finished (only if no extras are added) including a review form that they can send back to us in email form. Journeys where customer has added extras, the invoice and review form will be sent within 24-48 hours after journey completion.



  1. Accommodation terms of use

7.1. Client information

The accommodation detailed on this page has been booked for you by as an agent for the accommodation establishment and therefore any contract for the booking is between you and the accommodation establishment. Upon arrival, you should check that the accommodation is as booked, including type of board and price.

Should you fail to take up the accommodation by the time stated, without prior arrangement with the accommodation establishment, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited. The accommodation establishment may also charge you a cancellation fee.

Whilst makes every effort to find suitable accommodation, it cannot be held responsible nor accept any liability for complaints or claims of any nature arising from this booking, nor for any loss or damage which may be suffered by you or other members of your party, during or as a result of your stay in the accommodation establishment.

Please present the booking confirmation receipt to the hotel reception on arrival. The amount shown as deposit will be deducted from your bill. Please note that this booking receipt is only payable by to the aforementioned hotel and that any refunds must be obtained from the accommodation establishment in accordance with their terms and conditions.

7.2. Cancellations

A cancellation reference must be obtained if cancelling this reservation. Failure to obtain a cancellation reference number will result in a non-arrival charge or forfeiture of the deposit paid. Reservations must be cancelled within the hotels cancellation deadline, which may vary. Same-day reservation cancellations will result in forfeiture of the deposit. For bookings cancelled within the cancellation deadline, a cancellation fee may be charged.

For any request, suggestion, report or claim you should address any correspondence to AIRPORT2LODGE – Transportation and Accommodation platform, (details of address to be found on the website contact us page); or email

When your booking is finalised, Airport2Lodge Ltd will send you an email to the provided email address, with the full details of your reservation. Please read it carefully and check that given information is correct.

For general conditions and privacy policy details, please check Airport2Lodge Ltd main web page

Thank you for making your reservations with Airport2Lodge Ltd.



  1. General
    1.1. By using our service(s)you agree to Airport2Lodge’s terms and conditions, outlined herein. We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions at any time, for the purposes of quality testing and business and or legal development(s). All changes to our Terms and Conditions will be clearly displayed on the Airport2Lodge website.


  1. Training

2.2. All Transport Service Providers (hereinafter known as TSP) must, prior to providing their service(s), (under these Terms and Conditions) to Airport2Lodge Ltd, complete and Pass an International Transport Consortium (ITC) Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ) Course for road passenger transport drivers in Private Hire Chauffeur and Community Transport Sector.

2.3. The TSP must provide the ITC Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC), corroborating that he/she has passed the mentioned ITC Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ) Course.


  1. Customer no show policy
    3.1. For no show policy please refer to customer terms and conditions.
    3.2. If a no show is confirmed, driver can leave and accept other job.
    3.3. The admin department will deal with any charges.
  2. Cancellations policy
    4.1. Driver must call Airport2Lodge administration department to cancel a ride.
    4.2. Any cancelled ride(s)will appear in offers to be re-auctioned.
    4.3. Drivers could be charged for cancelling rides (depending on the discretion of the quality control department).
  3. TSP expectations and Vehicle Regulations
    5.1. TSP expectations
    5.1.1. ALL TSP must speak a good level of English
    5.1.2. ALL TSP must provide a high quality service
    5.1.3. TSP must be quiet unless a passenger engages in a conversation with them (other than to update the passenger on any changes of bookings)
    5.1.4. TSP must be well groomed and neatly dressed
    5.1.5. TSP must supply child seats when accepted a booking with child seat request
    5.1.6. TSP must ensure that fresh water is available for use of passengers before leaving for pickup
    5.1.7.TSP must have umbrella and charger for customer
    5.1.8. TSP must always be trained, licensed and qualified
    5.1.9. TSP must have basic First Aid training
    5.1.10. TSP must always keep the to the dress code standards – dark Suit, dark tie and white shirt
    5.1.11. TSP must never eat or drink while customer is in the vehicle or in sight of client
    5.1.12. TSP must not use mobile phone whilst passengers are within the vehicle or when the TSP is driving
    5.1.13. TSP must abide to the strict non-smoking policy within and near the vehicle
    5.1.14. TSP must always be polite, professional, and try to make good impressions with clients at all times
    5.1.15. TSP must assist client whenever a situation arises such as reservations
    5.1.16. TSP must address his/her name at meeting point with polite greeting
    5.1.17 TSP must carry clients’ luggage to the car
    5.1.18 TSP must always open vehicle doors for the client
    5.1.19. TSP must confirm destination with client
    5.1.20. ALL TSP must have internet on their phones for the use of Airport2Lodge app
    5.1.21. TSP should be able to make and receive international phone calls and text messages
    5.1.22. TSP must plan their route due for their next job
    5.1.23. TSP are responsible for maintaining all vehicles to a high standard including cleaning and washing of vehicles inside and outside
    5.1.24. TSP must never smoke inside or near the vehicle
    5.1.25. TSP can only answer phone calls in a moving vehicle using hands free phone and no private calls are to be made while customer is on board
    5.1.26. TSP MUST use the Driver app during working hours
    5.1.27. On pickup, TSP must let the customer know they have arrived by any means – by calling office so they can call customer, by calling the customer themselves, knocking on the house door of customer or ringing door bell, letting the reception know that the TSP has arrived
    5.1.28. TSP must call the office in case of issues in regard to picking up a customer
    5.1.29. TSP must call the office in case of accident with or without customer on board
    5.1.30. TSP must always return lost items to the customer or call office and return to office so customer can collect said items

5.2. Vehicle Regulations
5.2.1. TSP must make sure vehicles are insured (as prescribed by Transport For London) and have all the correct documents unless supplier is providing the vehicle, at which point they must make sure vehicle is insured and has all correct documents before allowing such vehicle to be used for jobs
5.2.2. All vehicles must be inspected by the supplier before TSP can use them for jobs, abiding to standing local laws and by-laws
5.2.3. All vehicles must be fitted with seat belts for front and rear seats and must be worn by all travellers
5.2.4. All vehicles must be fitted with air bags where possible
5.2.5. All vehicles must be fitted with a warning triangle, roadside emergency kit, first aid kit and equipment to change tyres if required

5.3. Manual Handling
5.3.1. As a minimal part of the job, chauffeurs must help moving clients’ luggage into and out of vehicles. 5.3.2. Lifting weights manually can cause many types of injuries so all TSP must follow these guidelines: Check for sharp edges before lifting If luggage feels awkward or you are unable to lift it alone, you must ask for help You must be able to see around you when lifting You must make sure there is enough room to place luggage before lifting it Make sure there is nothing in your way when lifting TSP must not use lifting assisting equipment unless authority has been given by supplier

  1. Lost Property
    6.1. Any items lost within the vehicles will be returned to the Lost and Found department, which can be retrieved by either the customer calling TSP or the office.


  1. Misconduct Compensation
    7.1. A Misconduct compensation system will apply to all TSP. The system is in place to retain a professional entity and keep all contact with clients at an absolute first-class standard. Further the system is in place to compensate Airport2Lodge for any loss attributable to the TSP Misconduct/Action. The amount of compensation is quantified by assessing any loss or costs incurred by Airport2Lodge, resulting from the misconduct(s) of the TSP.

7.1.1. Examples of Misconduct  are below and not exhaustive: Driver not helping the client with their luggage Driver car found untidy (excluding bad weather conditions) Found without umbrella, client charger and tablet Driver not at pickup location 15 minutes before pickup time Driver going off course deliberately to increase journey time Driver late for the pickup (excluding unforeseeable delays) Driver not wearing proper dress code standard suit and tie Driver acting against the requests of client Client reasonably found unhappy with service Driver not following job instruction and buttons Driver modifying a booking without authority and without client permission Driver refused job during his/her working hours Driver accepting a job and not completing it Driver wasting clients’ time Driver showing up with a wrong class vehicle Driver found not reporting any car symptoms or warning lights Driver not responding to client Driver found abusing a bug in the system to make substantial amounts of money If a driver fails to complete 15 rides within 3 months, Airport2Lodge has the right to terminate contract Driver found to be abusive with customer regardless of rudeness of the client will result in termination of business partnership (if such happens and driver is found not guilty, we will take action on behalf of the driver and we also respect drivers’ self-esteem. If necessary, we may also stop business with that account)

7.2. The quality control department will decide on the misconduct compensation by the intensity of the misconduct.


  1. Airport2Lodge reserves the right to change the agreement and terms of contract as seen reasonable.